EMDR Therapy

Are you feeling stuck in a certain area of your life? Maybe you are struggling with one of the following :- feelings of shame, irrational fears, phobias, low self-esteem, depression or anxiety. You may feel concerned about why you find it difficult to shift from certain patterns of thinking and ways of behaving.

Sometimes these struggles can be linked to something traumatic that has happened to you in the past. Trauma can be described as any situation where you feel powerless and helpless, and where you have felt a sense of threat in some way. It can be experienced with obvious things such as being in a car accident or fighting in a war. Trauma can also be more subtle, such as being humiliated in front of your class as a child by your teacher, having an unsettled upbringing with your family of origin or having a difficult relationship with a family member when growing up (particularly with your main caregiver as a young child).

I can offer a specific type of psychotherapy if any of this is resonating with you. It is called EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Re-processing. EMDR is a powerful type of psychotherapy that has been scientifically proven to help people to recover from traumatic events in their lives, which have caused poor mental health to develop. The goal of EMDR is to help you heal from trauma or other distressing experiences.

What does it involve?

EMDR is a structured 8-phased protocol which involves using eye movements (or several other types of bilateral sensory input) whilst you process traumatic memories. You don’t have to speak in detail about any distressing details.

Instead, EMDR looks at changing the emotions, thoughts, and behaviour resulting from a distressing experience (trauma). It helps you to process the negative images, beliefs, emotions and body sensations which are linked with traumatic memories and can feel stuck inside you.

EMDR Therapy - Plymouth, U.K.

How does it help?

Trauma is like a wound in your brain which hasn’t been able to heal. The re- processing part of EMDR helps to heal the mental and emotional wound resulting from the trauma, so that you no longer feel you are re-living it, and feelings associated with it become more manageable.

What I can offer?

Please contact me if you would like further information or have some questions about EMDR therapy and whether it might be appropriate for you. I can give EMDR therapy sessions either via in-person sessions or online sessions.

The EMDR U.K. video below gives some more information about EMDR.

This is what two of my clients have said about their experiences of having EMDR therapy with me. I am posting both of these testimonials with my clients’ permission.

“ I would like to thank Rachel for all her support and time in using the delivery of EMDR as part of my therapy sessions. I think that I had underestimated how deep we would be able to go in looking at childhood traumas. It was very beneficial to be able to think in a more positive way after our sessions had ended” – D.

“I have been blown away by the effects of EMDR. Having had fears relating to travelling through tunnels or over mountains, those fears fell away after my sessions with Rachel. This is having a huge impact on my life and where I can now travel to” – H.