About Counselling

This is by no means an exhaustive list of areas I provide counselling for. I am very happy to have a phone conversation with you about your unique circumstances and needs.

Anxiety is something which is experienced by everyone at some time or another, but it can rise to levels which are impacting on your daily life and ability to function. Anxiety includes worrying, panicking and a fear of a loss of control. In therapy I can help you to build a picture of the different factors which are contributing to your anxiety, we can look at how anxiety develops and look at strategies for reducing it.

Depression can be experienced as low mood, lack of motivation and feelings of hopelessness as well as not finding any enjoyment in life. It can be rooted in many things including a loss of some description (e.g health, a relationship) or a bereavement. Sometimes depression can be due to negative feelings being pushed down and repressed, rather than expressed. In therapy you can explore more about the origins of your depression and have the opportunity to process some of the feelings and emotions which might be underlying the depression.

Self- esteem is your opinion of yourself based on your past experiences and beliefs about yourself. When it is low it can hamper your confidence in your abilities and your feelings of value and self-worth. In therapy we can explore your beliefs about yourself and their origins, and who you believe that you “should” or “ought to” be. You can then start to develop a healthier attitude of accepting yourself and having self-compassion towards yourself by “turning down” the negative and critical self-talk going through your mind.

You may be finding yourself struggling in your relationship with a partner. Alternatively you may be having difficulties in your relationships with friends or work colleagues. The way you relate to other people is often connected to the first relationships you experienced in your family, as a child. In counselling, I can help you to explore your patterns of relating to others and develop insight into how to relate in a healthier way, enhancing and improving these relationships. Please note – I don’t provide couples therapy.

You could be experiencing the loss of someone dear to you, recently or some time ago. You may feel stuck in your grief and pain. You may feel under pressure to “feel better” and “move on”, but feel unable to do this. In counselling sessions you can be helped to express your feelings of sadness and grief, enabling you to process your loss.

This can take place in different ways such as physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse and can be happening in the present or something which you have experienced in your past. Suffering abuse can involve experiencing feelings of helplessness and powerlessness and also a sense of being vulnerable and alone. Talking about what has happened to you in a place where you are accepted, heard and “emotionally held” can bring healing to you and restoration of your sense of self.

Trauma can be experienced as a single event or a longer term experience. It can leave you feeling disconnected and unable to process what has happened to you. It could even be impacting on your life in the form of PTSD symptoms. I work in a trauma- informed way which is essential to enable you to work through the effects of your trauma safely and effectively.

We all experience loss in different ways during our lives. Sometimes the loss can be overwhelming such as the loss of a relationship or the loss of health. In therapy we can look at the impact the loss has had on you and work through grieving that loss. We can also look at how to navigate your future life following the loss.

About Counselling