Do you...

Have a negative view of yourself that affects your daily life?

Struggle with anxiety on a daily basis?
 Feel low in mood and find it hard to feel positive about your life circumstances?
Maybe it’s time to…
Explore what might be causing you anxiety and find strategies to manage it.
Look at what is behind your low mood and process hidden feelings and emotions.
Start developing a belief in yourself and recognising your worth and value as a person.

– I am Rachel and I am an experienced Counsellor and Therapist (BACP Accredited), who works with people with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

I have found that in my 7 years working as a Counsellor/Therapist that many clients have these issues causing a negative impact on their lives. I am also aware through my own experiences how they can hamper you from living a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Life experiences such as bereavement, loss, trauma, abuse, disability, serious illness, injury and relationship difficulties can leave you with feelings and emotions you are struggling to cope with. Trying to suppress or avoid these feelings often makes things worse.

This is when coming to therapy can give you to space and opportunity to come to terms with what has happened to you and process emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, fear and shame.

Engaging in therapy will strengthen you, enabling you to feel more liberated, energised and  in control of your life in a positive way.

I offer online/telephone /in – person sessions- for more information please look on my Blog Page.